LGBT Uganda

Uganda is considered one of the world's most dangerous places to be gay.

The LGBT community is among the most stigmatized and persecuted in the world. Individuals and their families are subject to violent attacks, arbitrary arrest, and social exclusion.

Homophobic attitudes are spread through law, culture, and religion, with brothers and sisters being denied basic human rights.

Same-sex relations are punishable by life imprisonment, with attempts to introduce the death penalty for acts of "aggravated homosexuality ".

Every day, innocent lives are at risk , especially since terrifying attitudes permeate every level of society.

Community vigilantes work with abusive authorities to crack down on activists, citizens, their families, and their friends.

Speaking up for gay rights in Uganda has never been easy. Those who take a stand are often harassed and persecuted. And, unfortunately, many politicians fuel homophobic attitudes to win popular support during election seasons.

Thankfully, despite these conditions, grassroots groups continue their selfless fight against cultural and institutional homophobia.

Your contribution can help Pride Uganda to protect the LGBT community. It will help us to continue educating, mobilizing and advocating for a more equal Uganda.