what we do

We are an advocacy group supporting the work of LGBT activists who, in the face of persecution, fight to dislodge deeply held misbeliefs, create safe spaces, and end violence.

Men and women risking their lives every day to:

educate communities

By engaging with existing community structures, like homes, schools and churches, to inform others of LGBT rights, shed light on the community‘s plight, and dislodge deeply held homophobic beliefs.


protect and activate the LGBT community

Being LGBT in Uganda is dangerous. Our brothers and sisters are shamed and persecuted, whilst actors of change are violently tracked down. We work to support them.

We provide on-the-ground mentoring and counsel to those who have faced violence and persecution because of their LGBT identities. These sessions have proved invaluable to those who have been living hidden, in fear, for far too long.

We also coordinate activists, mentors, and volunteers, and provide them with the essential resources and support to carry out their missions – from engagement training to educational resource packs, or transport to reach even the most remote communities.


support reform

Ugandans want change.

Yet the country has been under Museveni’s tight grip for 30 years - and he has just been handed another 5.

We mobilise the power of the LGBT community in support of the few reformists brave enough to stand up to this injustice and violence, in the name of a more equal Uganda.

Your support is crucial in keeping our fight alive

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